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Member Benefits

Your membership in the Henry County Chamber of Commerce invests in the continued successes of the business community. We collectively represent the interests of business, build a vibrant economy, and ensure a strong business climate. We invite you to join our association today.

What can you expect from the Chamber?

Joining the Henry County Chamber offers a number of benefits:

Strength in Numbers: Our Chamber members include more than 800 employers of all industry types and sizes from throughout the region.

Effective Networking Opportunities: Through our growing list of programs — including Lunch with a Leader, Business After Hours, Emerging Business Leaders, Coffee & Collaboration, and various committee involvement — we encourage you to connect with other local businesses and professionals.

Visibility and Credibility: According to the Shapiro Study, consumers believe Chamber members are reputable, use good business practices, and are involved within the community. Being a member can enhance your business's visibility and credibility in the community. It shows potential customers that you are committed to the local economy and adhere to certain standards.

Entrepreneur Support: Professional Development programs and resources available through our Small Business Resource Center assist your business in every phase. 

Marketing Opportunities: Member directory listing on the Chamber website with member exclusive opportunities such as ribbon cutting, hosting Business After Hours, Video Marketing, Newspaper Advertising, and sponsorship at Chamber events. 

Exclusive Member Discounts: Enjoy discounts including business insurance, health insurance, Worker's Compensation premiums, as well as products and services from fellow Chamber members. 

Chamber Facility: Receive a discount on rentals of several meeting rooms located at the Chamber.  

Business Referrals: Daily customer inquiries to the Chamber are referred to members and we encourage members to conduct business with other members first, when needed. 

Advocacy and Representation: Stay updated and engaged regarding policy decisions that impact your company's ability to thrive. We often advocate for the interests of our members. Being a member gives you a voice in these discussions and can help shape policies that affect your business. Henry County Chamber also provides resources and support to members, such as access to business resources and assistance with navigating local regulations and requirements.

Fun Events: Grow your business and have fun doing it! Come find what you've been missing. 

Access to Information: We keep our members informed about local business news, events, and opportunities, helping you stay connected and informed about what's happening in the metro area.

Community Involvement: Joining #MyHenryChamber allows you to become more involved in your local community through volunteer opportunities, community events, and partnerships with other businesses and organizations.

Overall, joining #MyHenryChamber can be a valuable investment for your business to grow, connect, and stay informed about local opportunities and challenges.