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Business Resource Center

Businesss Acceleration; Impacting the Community Economy

In January 2006, through the Chamber’s Small Business Council, Henry County became the 15th county in Georgia designated an “Entrepreneur-Friendly Community.” Over time, the Council has continued to expand and enhance the offerings for small businesses in Henry County.

The Business Resource Center is intended to address the economic development needs identified through discussions with intergovernmental partners. In partnership with our post-secondary partners, state agencies, and local businesses, the Chamber’s program is designed to support the growth and acceleration of small businesses, with a particular focus on minority- and women-owned businesses.

Clayton State University research identified the greatest opportunity for south-metro expansion is in the small business category (fewer than 20 employees). On the Southside, small businesses represent 74.9% of employers. During the last 12 months, those establishments counted 67,610 jobs.

Services include:
• One-on-one counseling sessions
• Professional training
• Resource hours
• Collaborative workspace
• Procurement support and resources
• MBE-certification support

lobby area
meeting room
meeting room

Usage Request for Business Resource Center

Please follow these basic guidelines for using the Business Resource Center. Businesses using the Chamber Resource Center will name the Henry County Chamber as an "additional insured" and will "waive subrogation." Prior to use, the Henry County Chamber may request a certificate of liability insurance.

Collaborative space in the Resource Center and its related materials and equipment are available for community at no charge based on availability.

Download Request Form: Henry County Chamber Resource Center Use

Conference Room Rentals

  • Resource Center space rentals are available to our members at a reduced cost of 25%.
  • Non-members may use the room based on availability for a nominal fee.
  • While utilizing the conference room, please note that you assume full responsibility for arranging/restoring the Resource Center, proper use of all materials and equipment, maintaining order, content and length of meeting, as well as all opinions and positions expressed.
  • You may bring in food and beverage, although there shall be no alcohol served.

The Chamber retains the right to refuse Resource Center usage based on, but not limited to, meeting time, room availability, and content of the meeting. The conference room is not a place to directly promote your business (e.g., conduct for-profit seminars and various revenue-generating activities) unless in partnership with the Henry County Chamber of Commerce for activities to further promote our mission. We certainly hope that our intent to offer our community, both members and non-members, a space to host company retreats and or meetings is helpful to you. If we cannot meet your needs, we would be happy to refer you to one of our members that may be able to host your event.