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  • Healing Rise Up Solutions, LLC

    Healing Rise Up Solutions, LLC


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    Are You Suffering from Mild to Moderate Pain? Do You desire to “Thrive for Wholeness (SOZO)”?

    I myself have suffered from Chronic Pain…
    Here is my story….
    I am retired Veteran. While being in the Military I experienced hard training. Running with my 50 lb. backpack. Getting up and down and landing on my knees. Hitting my head on a steel beam while conquering the Obstacle Course. I loved running but one day I could not run anymore because I had blown out both knees. The doctor said Physical Therapy or a wheelchair. I chose Physical Therapy. It was a painful recovery, but I can walk by the grace of GOD. Thank you, Jesus! I also experienced a tumor in my left frontal lobe. It was removed and with much to do with my recovery for here I am…

    What I am experiencing is the following pain:
    Back pain, Hip pain, Joint pain / inflammation, Sciatica, Ankle swelling, Chronic severe headaches, Circulation, Vertigo and so much more…

    From the top of my head to the bottom of my feet I felt there was no hope. This is when I prayed, and the doors opened to Holistic Christians to heal me. Now, I desire to help You overcome your fear of trying something against the norm of doctors. I too, believed doctors and nurses had all the answers to heal me but this not so. GOD is the Great Physician, and He can navigate our path to the right people to heal our pain concerns. Now, I desire to open the doors for you to recover. Each service I am offering you I use myself. Note: In the beginning my pain level was a number “10” now I am blessed with a sliding scale of 5 to 0. I too suffer

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    Gemstone Therapy
    Gemstone Body Therapy Wrap
    Immune System Support
    Natural Products to heal you from the Inside Out

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    Karen Menz
    • Phone: (678) 545-2674
    • Fax: (678) 545-2674
    • Cell Phone: (910) 916-2968
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