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  • Georgia Lottery Announces Henry County Returns

    Georgia Lottery Announces Henry County Returns

    Greetings from the Georgia Lottery!!  I hope that you and your family are safe and healthy.  It’s Joy Forth, Community Relations Director for the Georgia Lottery, and I wanted to update you on some GOOD news from the lottery.  In case you had not seen this press release from the Governor regarding the lottery’s largest quarterly transfer to education in history, I wanted to share it with you.  This exciting news comes on the heels of the lottery’s record year enabling the lottery to donate $1.23 billion to the educational programs that it funds for FY2020.  We hope that these programs make a difference in the lives of these students and their families.  A trained and educated workforce makes it possible to retain and recruit industry.  The HOPE grant and scholarship programs and the Georgia PreK program give Georgia’s students a leg up from start to finish.  The quarterly transfer was over $383.3 million, which is an incredible $92 million over Q1 of last year.
    I have attached the updated Henry County numbers from FY 1994 – FY 2020.  In Henry County, there have been 36,090 HOPE students receiving $238,214,568 and 30,098 PreK students receiving $105,342,922.   Retailers in Henry County have received $91,623,899 in commissions from the lottery since its inception.  I also wanted to share the most recently updated 2020 numbers for Henry County.  In 2020, alone, there are 4,196 HOPE students receiving $17,442,244 and 1,555 PreK students receiving $6,571,010 for a total of $24,013,254 returned to education in FY2020.  Retailers in Henry County received $6,580,804 in 2020. 

    Joy Forth
    Community Relations Director
    Georgia Lottery Corporation
    M: (470) 829-9341

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