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  • Checkout Your FREE (No fee) Delivery Experience.

    Checkout Your FREE (No fee) Delivery Experience.

    Kroger would like to announce that Early Access is live for customers to place orders for home grocery delivery! The Forest Park Fulfilment Center would love for you all to join us now in placing your grocery order so we can fulfill your needs. Our Customer Service Delivery Drivers will deliver your groceries directly to your door to take away the hassle of going to the grocery store. Please see the steps below to opt-in to the process so we can begin your home delivery experience.   

    Here are the steps to be one of the Early Access customers:

    1. Log in to, or create, your account on Kroger.com or the iOS/Android apps.
    2. Go to the following link: https://link.edgepilot.com/s/c3f4c13f/xE-hmqE9zkiZkXPd74AUhw?u=https://www.kroger.com/early-access
    3. At the bottom of this screen select “Sign Up.” 
    4. Select Delivery and build a Cart of groceries you need.
    5. In Checkout, you will see a Blue Truck next to the timeslots (FC = Blue Truck). Select that timeslot and checkout your order.
      If you do not see a Blue Truck, then you do not opt into Early Access.
    6. Check out your FREE (No fee) Delivery order.

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