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  • General Rules and Regulations Regarding Meeting Room Use

    The following are general rules for use of meeting rooms at the Henry County Chamber of Commerce.  These rules comply with the Chamber’s Meeting Room Policy. Please notify Chamber Office Manager, Phyllis Reeves (770-957-5786) as soon as possible with any questions or cancellations.


    • Meeting rooms at the Chamber are available for use by chamber members only for presentation of informational or educational meetings and programs in keeping with our mission.
    • Meetings are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Groups must make room requests at least twenty-four hours (24hrs) in advance.
    • Requests may be made up to three months in advance. No single group may have more than one meeting per month booked or more than three meetings booked at any one time.
    • No room can be booked for more than four (4) hours at a time.
    • Requests may be submitted online, faxed to 770-957-8030 or delivered to the chamber Office Manager, Phyllis Reeves, preeves@henrycounty.com.
    • An authorized member of the group requesting the use of the meeting room will be required to sign or electronically submit a “Meeting Room Request Form” providing information regarding the program and the requested date.
    • The authorized member requesting the room cannot do so on behalf of another party and is required to be present throughout the meeting on the date requested.
    • By signing or submitting the form, the applicant agrees that:
      • They have read and understand these “General Rules and Regulations Regarding Meeting Room Use.” Failure to abide by these regulations may result in a forfeiture of the right to any future use of the room;
      • They accept financial responsibility for any and all damage caused to the building or equipment beyond normal wear.
    • If the applicant provides an e-mail address they will receive a reservation confirmation e-mail.
    • The Chamber reserves the right to reject any application if it is determined that the organization has abused its past privileges in using a meeting room either by vandalism, abusive action or other disturbance, or not using the space for the stated purpose of the policy. Rooms will not be available for use by groups or individuals who have demonstrated a history of unreliability in meeting chamber requirements. Users shall conform to all laws, ordinances, regulations, and chamber rules. Fire regulations concerning room capacity and access to exits must be observed. Rules regarding smoking, eating, and drinking must be followed.


    Conditions of Use


    • Meetings must be held during regular chamber hours, Monday through Friday, 8am-4pm.
    • Meetings should end on time so that the room can be cleared or prepared for other meetings. The meeting room must be vacated at least 10 minutes before building closing time.
    • If food or beverages are served, they can only be in the designated kitchen area and the group is responsible for cleaning up and reporting spills. NO FOOD IS ALLOWED IN THE BOARDROOM. The Chamber is NOT responsible for providing coffee, cups, plates or any other utensils for meetings. Photocopy machine is NOT available for public use nor is the chamber responsible for providing photocopying or printing services for meetings.
    • General courtesy and safety are required. Individuals responsible for the meeting should be sure all attendees know where fire exits are located.

    Rooms may NOT be used for:

    • Any purpose, which may interfere with the regular operation of the chamber.
    • Non-Chamber related groups soliciting or actively selling items or services
    • Personal, company, or family parties.
    • Conducting organizational meetings or to host, sponsor and/or publicize an event intended for support of a political campaign or rally including the solicitation of funds for such purpose or activities.
    • No alcoholic beverages may be served.
    • Social gatherings, social clubs, or social activities

    Set up and equipment

    • Chamber is NOT responsible for providing any special set-up, presentation aids or equipment.
    • The chamber cannot provide operators for equipment provided by member of requesting group. If a screen is required for equipment operation, it is suggested that a representative of the group request this ahead of time.
    • The Chamber may require proof that any public audiovisual presentation is not in conflict with copyright laws.


    • Any press releases, posters or other publicity may note that events are being held in the chamber, but may not state or imply chamber sponsorship or endorsement without express permission.
    • No signs, working papers or posters may be attached to the walls of the meeting room.
    • Upon Request only, the chamber will post notice of meetings booked at least a week in advance on social media. Chamber staff may post directional signs in the event of simultaneous meetings. Any signs or posters placed anywhere in the building must be approved by the Chamber President.
    • The Chamber does not have the authority to approve, nor is the chamber responsible, for any signage placed off of Chamber Property. Any directional signage posted around the chamber must be removed immediately following the conclusion of the meeting.


    • If you wish to cancel a reservation for any reason, as a courtesy, please call the Chamber as soon as possible at (770)957-5786. The Chamber asks for at least 24 HOUR NOTICE OF A MEETING CANCELLATION.  In unforeseen emergencies in which the Chamber has to cancel a meeting, the Chamber will attempt to give the group as much notice as possible.