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  • Talent on a Budget

    Offer Valid: 08/06/2022 - 10/31/2022
    Build your team with an expert for less

    Can you relate to any of these pains?

    “I don’t have enough clients to have a full time employee but I still need help…”

    “I don’t really trust people to share my process or ideas because they might take or steal them”

    “I don’t have a budget to pay a salary plus benefits…”

     Every single client of our said the same thing… until they heard about Talent2go & Talent on a Budget. Both programs are catered towards are Micro & Small Business Owners. (If you are an Enterprise level business, you are ineligible for this program)

    We provide Talent to small businesses for under $2000 monthly. Our low cost talent specializes in:

    •  Email Management
    •  Social Media Management
    •  Project Management
    •  Research
    •  Lead Generation
    •  Scheduled & Meeting management
    • Website Management & Creation
    • E-commerce management
    • Graphic Design

    Please set up a call with us to learn if you qualify for this amazing program. 

    Schedule a 1:1 with Monique Here


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