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  • ​Mastermind Moving Your Business Forward

    ​Mastermind Moving Your Business Forward

    Program Dates: January 10 | February 7  |  March 13

    Location: Small Business Resource Center


    The Henry County Chamber of Commerce is forming a small business Mastermind, a pilot program consisting of three-monthly sessions: January 10, February 7, and March 13, 2024. Each session is scheduled to run 12 PM – 4 PM in the Small Business Resource Center. The program will engage a total of eight (8) woman-owned businesses that have 2-5 years in business. Each participant will invest $50 for the program fee.

    Participants will be selected from respondents to an interest survey. The program, entitled ‘Mastermind Moving Your Business Forward,’ will feature a group focus on specific business objectives determined by each participant. The Mastermind will provide participants a forum to support, encourage, and learn from each other's stories, experiences, and ideas and hold each other accountable to well-defined goals.


    About our Facilitator

    Brenda B Speaks joined the Henry County Chamber of Commerce in February 2022. The owner, Brenda Bonilla Smith is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, and Licensed Esthetician. She began her speaking career as an educator in the skincare industry in the 1990's working for national and international companies before she entered the natural health field. Brenda is a native New Yorker whose love for natural medicine comes from her roots in her Dominican heritage. When she was introduced to acupuncture, it was the seamless next step she was looking for. She received her Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2000 and has been in private practice since then. She has spent most of her post-graduate education studying nutrition and the effects of physical and emotional stress on overall health. She believes the body is its own best healer and that diet, natural modalities, and lifestyle changes are the keys to correcting, and reversing our epidemic of preventable chronic diseases.

    Upon joining the Chamber, Brenda became involved as a member of the Women's Leadership Council, providing ideas and business insight that would be incorporated in the Council's programs supporting women in business. During the 2023 Women's EmPOWERment Summit, Brenda spearheaded the 'Wellness Giving Breaks,' a popular segment focused on women's health that will be a returning feature in the 2024 conference. The Mastermind Moving Your Business Forward pilot program was a concept also submitted and developed by Brenda.

    Brenda is a sought-after speaker and educator on Women’s Health, Stress Management, and Breast Health and she brings her 30+ years of clinical experience into focus with clarity and humor.  She dressed as Cruella DeVille for a Disney-themed webinar (because she’s already rocking the salt and pepper hair) and removed and flung her bra across the stage at a breast health presentation! From participating in women's health conferences to presenting health and wellness talks for corporate organizations, Brenda customizes the experience that is most beneficial for her audiences. 

    Brenda has recently moved to Georgia from California and is dedicating most of her time to speaking and educating women on finding balance and improving their physical and mental health in these stressful times. For more information about Brenda B. Speaks, visit brendabspeaks.com.

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