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  • Henry County Commissioners Mandate Closure of Restaurant Dining Rooms and Other Proactive Measures

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    March 24, 2020
    HENRY COUNTY, GA- March 24,2020- In order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the county and its citizens, the Henry County Board of Commissioners approved a resolution to implement measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, effective immediately. The action came a special called meeting today, which was held via teleconference. 

    COVID-19 has been declared a world health emergency and a pandemic by the World Health Organization and because health experts, including those and the CDC and the National Institute of Health have advised that individuals infected with COVID-19 are contagious even while experiencing minor or no symptoms, and have implored leaders to take immediate action to prevent further community spread of COVID-19, Henry County leaders are taking necessary steps to flatten the curve and prevent further spread of the disease.

    Henry County’s first step in the process was to declare a local state of emergency on March 17. Today’s resolution ratifies and reaffirms the county’s Declaration of a Local State of Emergency and sets mandates to protect the health, safety and welfare of Henry County and its citizens, and in order to manage the pending emergency created by COVID-19.

    The resolution requires that all indoor recreation, fitness and entertainment facilities close immediately and remain closed for the duration of the resolution. It also states that all eating establishments, including bars and nightclubs within county limits, need to immediately close in-person dining, consumption of alcohol and entertainment, and to only provide delivery, take-out or drive-thru services. The resolution also encourages the reduction of people who attend worship services and physical distancing. The resolution does not pertain to cafeterias located within medical, industrial, government or other production facilities that are necessary to promote health, welfare and vital resources in Henry County.

    In accordance with CDC guidelines, the resolution additionally states that it is in the best interest of citizens to not gather in crowds of 10 people or more in any location. It also advises all businesses that plan on remaining open during this emergency to carry out out procedure and practices that ensure clients, customers, staff and employees to maintain appropriate physical distancing and ensure proper cleaning and sanitizing within each respective business.
    It also states that any non-essential businesses that cannot operate without ensuring that their clients, customers, staff and employees maintain physical distancing of at least six feet, should close during this state of emergency.

    The resolution will remain in effect until 11:59 p.m. on April 7, 2020 unless extended by further action of the Henry County Board of Commissioners.

    To view the entire resolution, click here:

    Thank you,
    Melissa Robinson
    Public Information Director
    Henry County Government
    Melissa Robinson
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