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    Presentation Skills Coaching
    Rock your next presentation with ease - and success!
    How do you feel about giving a presentation? Nervous? Dread? Fear?
    Let me help you craft your message, hone your delivery and banish your presentation blues. The best part? We'll do it in your Henry County office and my coaching style is supportive, so you'll be doubly comfortable! Whether you need to close more deals with one-on-one presentations, deliver business presentations to the bigwigs, or stand up in front of hundreds (thousands?) and entertain while making important points, working together will make your presentation skills as buttoned-up as you are in the rest of your business life. 
    25% discount for Henry County Chamber of Commerce members
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    phone: (770) 310-6932
    website: More about Sandy
    Offer Valid: February 11, 2018February 17, 2019
    Henry County Chamber of Commerce
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