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  • Hotel Housekeepers and Laundry Attendants $12 - $14 per hour

    WoodSpring Suites Atlanta McDonough
    Job Description
    1. Change bed linen daily.
    2. Vacuum carpeting.
    3. Dust all furniture (picture frames, bed frames, lamps, TVs, dressers).
    4. Remove fingerprints and smudges (ex. mirrors, shiny surfaces, windows, etc).
    5. Thoroughly clean the bathroom area - wash shower stall, sink, floor, toilet, etc.
    6. Make sure that the standard room set-up is complied with.
    7. Report immediately all damage found in a room.
    8. Report immediately all missing items in room. Report immediately personal guest items found in vacant rooms.
    9. Return all cribs, step stools, and shower seats to front desk.
    10. Take responsibility for pass key and make sure it is turned in daily.
    11. Turn in immediately all "lost and found" items to Executive Housekeeper.
    12. Report immediately to the Executive Housekeeper:
      • No luggage
      • No service needed.
      • Sleep outs.
      • Extra guests.
      • Anything unusual.
    13. Shut off all lights, TVs and air conditioners when leaving room...
    14. Check Special Project sheet for the day’s special attention items.
    15. Remove all trash from room.
    16. Check all refrigerators & microwaves for trash and clean thoroughly.
    17. Assist with washing &  folding of linen.
    * Understands that customer service and business demands may make it necessary to perform duties or tasks not normally specific to your position, but is required to assist in the best interest of the hotel, guests, vendors, or fellow employees.
    ** We provide temperature checks, masks, face shields, gloves, hand sanitizer and CDC recommended cleaning and disinfectant supplies to keep all of our staff and guests safe.
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