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  • CEO for Academy for Advanced Studies

    Henry County School System
    Job Description
    Position Type:     ADMINISTRATION / Chief Executive Officer - (AAS) 
    Date Posted:    4/19/2019 
    Date Available:     To Be Determined 
    Closing Date:     05/03/2019 
    244 Day Position 
    2018-2019 Annual Salary range: $121,917 - $132,917 
    The 2019-2020 salary information will be posted as soon as it becomes available. 

    The CEO reports directly to the Board of Directors of the Academy for Advanced Studies and the Assistant Superintendent of      Leadership, and provides leadership in developing and maintaining the best possible educational programs and services at AAS, a Georgia charter school and, as such, a nonprofit corporation.   
    1.    Assume responsibility for leadership of AAS in achieving its stated mission, vision, and goals. 
    2.    Serve as the Executive Secretary to the AAS Board of Directors. 
    3.    Manage and account for all public and private assets of the Academy for Advanced Studies. 
    4.    Represent the Board of Directors as a liaison between AAS, business and industry, and education. 
    5.    Communicate with Board of Directors and Superintendent of Henry County Schools as necessary and/or appropriate. 
    6.    Assume responsibility for planning and submission of the annual budget to the Board of Directors and Superintendent. 
    7.    Exercise leadership in development and continuous improvement of curriculum and instructional programs of AAS and their  coordination with Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE).
    8.    Maintain cooperative working relationships with government agencies and community organizations. 
    9.    Attend professional meetings, conferences, and workshops to maintain professional knowledge/skills, and create networking and collaboration opportunities. 
    10.  Supervise the AAS educational program and work cooperatively with appropriate staff in the development, revision, and    evaluation of the curriculum. 
    11.  Assume responsibility for the implementation and observance of all state and local policies and regulations by the AAS staff and students. 
    12.  Work cooperatively in the recruitment, screening, hiring, training, assigning, and evaluation of the AAS staff as defined by Henry County Board of Education policies and regulations.  Recommend personnel actions. 
    13.  Maintain high standards of student conduct and enforce discipline as necessary, affording due process rights to students. 
    14.  Interact with local business and industry and engage them as supporters of AAS’s mission so that relationships result in    financial support and a wide variety of job connections for students. 
    15.  Develop long-term relationships with postsecondary institutions such as Southern Crescent Technical College, Clayton State University, Gordon State College, and other units of the Technical College System of Georgia and University System of   Georgia.  Increase opportunities for students to earn post-secondary credit. 
    16.  Identify and implement on-going fundraising efforts to the AAS Board of Directors. 
    17.  Perform other duties and tasks as required or assigned.  

    1. Significant experience in successfully managing a business organization, and/or a minimum of a Georgia Educator Certificate in Leadership.
    2. High integrity, excellent character, and good professional reputation.
    3. Ability to work well with staff and the public; ability to respond to inquiries or complaints from staff members, agencies , or members of the community required.  

    For more information regarding this posting, please visit:  www.henry.k12.ga.us 
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