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    On Education Day in November, the Leadership Henry Class of 2020 visited multiple institutions of learning in Henry County including a private Christian school, public school, and a college.

    Our first stop was Strong Rock Christian School where students and educators greeted us with breakfast, music and song from students in their music department. The campus tour and student presentations showcased the K-12 school and all the amenities that support student exceptionalism.
    Touring the Academy of Advanced Studies was the highlight of our trip, as we were able to see high school students in “their element” of learning in their prospective employment interests.  This school was designed for students who want to learn “real life skills” sooner than later.  The school prepares students who choose to pursue a career as well as an academic path upon graduation.  Students who choose not to go to college, can begin employment upon graduation.  Additionally, students can learn a “trade” while still in high school to give them an “edge” after graduation and can work in that trade while attending college.  We toured the automotive and welding departments where we learned there is a shortage of jobs and several of the graduating seniors already have received employment offers upon graduation. The welding students demonstrated an amazing level of maturity.

    In the business and marketing departments, the students have created their own store and sell the “wares” they make. In the education department, students are learning early development in daycare centers.

    The height of our visit was touring the culinary arts department watching the chef prepare food for our banquet.  There, the students, future chefs prepared a delicious and delightful lunch for us.  Members of the Henry County School Board of Education joined us for lunch while Superintendent Mary Elizabeth Davis spoke about the state of education in Henry County.

    We toured the newly built McDonough Middle School and ate freshly popped popcorn from the school’s new popcorn machine. 
    Our last stop was Southern Crescent Technical College located in McDonough where were surprised to learn that an extension of this school was located so close to home! This technical college has a variety of course offerings ranging from automotive to event planning to paralegal studies in addition to offering your basic core math, English and science courses. 
    We were intrigued by the “state of the art” automotive facility where students and staff take their vehicles to work on with free diagnosis and labor.  All that is required is for them to do is pay for the part(s) needed to repair their car.  The students do work on vehicles ranging from oil changes to engine and transmission replacement.
    Education Day was very educational.
    This story was written by Vanessa W. Thomas, a member of Leadership Henry class of 2020. I am having an enjoyable time being part of Leadership Henry and learning about Henry County and all it has to offer.  I am very proud to be resident of Henry County and a member of Leadership Henry class of 2020.
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