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    Being a part of Leadership Henry's Class of 2020 is such a great experience for me and being able to share my thoughts about Community Day is even more exciting.

    We started our day with presentations from 16 community organizations who are all doing great things in Henry County. Personally, my top two organizations were Henry County Senior Services and Sacred Journey Hospice. Our county's senior services mean a lot to me because I love advocating for those residents. I feel that the seniors are such an underserved market. I want to support them and fulfill their needs in any way possible. Sacred Journey Hospice was another organization that meant a lot to me too. They do an excellent job tending to our older community. It's important that we educate our senior citizens on the services that are available to them locally.

    Our next experience was with A Friend's House. I love what they are doing for our younger people. Their facility is awesome and provides children with many necessities. After A Friend's House, my class and I visited Henry County Performing Arts Center. The performance that we did at the spare of a moment was magnificent. It's amazing to know that we all have hidden talents inside of us. The last place we visited was Southern Belle Farm. Because I am a gardener, I had a splendid time touring the area. Observing how they plant strawberries and other crops was a breathtaking moment. I've never seen pigs race before, so I found the sight to be grand.

    Through this experience, I am sure that I will learn a lot about Henry County and make a huge impact on our senior citizens!

    This summary was provided by Sylvia Dennis-Wray, Walk Chair of Walk to End Alzheimer's - Henry County, Executive Director of the Alzheimer's Services Center and one of the Class of 2020 participants in Leadership Henry.
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