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  • Visit Your Doctor in Person or Via Telemedicine During Pandemic

    Visit Your Doctor in Person or Via Telemedicine During Pandemic

    Sabrina Wyllie-Adams, M.D., a physician with Piedmont Physicians at Stockbridge, is seeing patients both in-person and on screens via telemedicine these days. Regardless of their symptoms or ailments, COVID-19 and safety is on every patient’s mind. Dr. Wyllie-Adams and her staff have a number of processes in place to keep everyone safe.

    “We have screeners and greeters at the door, taking everyone’s temperature and asking if they have had any contact with people who have been sick,” said Dr. Wyllie-Adams. “Every staff member wears a mask and we ask that all of our patients wear some kind of face covering during their visit; a scarf, surgical mask, bandana, or cloth mask. We are also cleaning in between patients and following all recommended protocols to keep people safe.”

    Prior to the pandemic, Dr. Wyllie-Adams did not have a background in offering telemedicine, but she and her patients, who also have not ever had appointments over video, have learned quickly.
    “The telemedicine appointments are good for people who may be at a higher risk of infection or complications, or they just don’t feel comfortable coming to a doctor’s office during the crisis,” said Dr. Wyllie-Adams. “I can see if they are in distress, in pain, or laboring to breathe.”
    Many of Dr. Wyllie-Adams patients are managing chronic medical conditions and it is important that they touch base with their physicians to make sure they keep up with their treatments and medications.
    “It’s important that our patients continue their care,” said Dr. Wyllie-Adams. “Sometimes it requires us to be creative, but we can find workarounds.”

    Dr. Wyllie-Adams sees more people in person than via telemedicine, but she is glad that a video option is available. She understands how scary or stressful the current climate can be. She recommends following the CDC guidelines; practice good hand hygiene, maintain social distancing, and wear a mask in public.

    “It is also important that if you get sick, start quarantining at home and call your doctor to find out the next step,” said Dr. Wyllie-Adams. “They can help you arrange for testing and prescribe the medications to help with symptoms.”

    Piedmont Physicians at Stockbridge currently offers antibody testing, which can tell you if you may have had COVID-19 at some point in the past.

    “While antibody testing wouldn’t tell you if you still had COVID-19, it would tell you that you have made antibodies to fight the infection,” said Dr. Wyllie-Adams. “There is hope that those who have had COVID-19 could donate plasma to people currently infected and it may help people get better.”

    Dr. Wyllie-Adams is board certified in family medicine and specializes in preventive medicine as well as chronic medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and hypercholesterolemia.

    To learn more about Dr. Wyllie-Adams or telemedicine, visit piedmont.org. 

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