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    Valued Insight

    As a three-year resident of Henry County, I was clueless about our county’s government offices and resources. In fact, the first visit I had to a Henry County Government site was the morning of our class. Walking into the class, I had a moment of excitement mixed with a little uncertainty. Unsure what the day was going to entail, I wondered if the trip would be illustrating, time-consuming, or downright boring. Who knew? Well let’s just say, from the guest speakers down to the bus ride, this class was the most intriguing and informative so far.

    The morning started with a breakdown of the Henry County office hierarchy. Their organizational structure seemed excessively rigid at first, like the Army. But, the deeper explanations helped me understand the value and responsibilities that each department supports. Next, June Wood gave a heartfelt presentation. She spoke about her journey to pursuing her role as Chair of the Henry County Board of Commissioners. While June’s story was amazing, one element stuck with me. She felt that her Georgia Power was not self-fulfilling, prompting her to discover a more purposeful position. Prayer and positivity were definitely a part of this process. With such an amazing speech, June Wood left me feeling empowered and motivated to expand my leadership within the community.

    As a homeowner, I learned a wealth of information about the home tax exemptions, assessments, and zoning. I felt a sense of fulfillment when receiving answers to all my zoning questions and concerns. Ron Burckhalter added insight about SPLOST district plans and the difference between county as well as state roads. While the day continued to sail smoothly, my group and I enjoyed a hearty lunch from Olive Garden.

    The next stop of our excursion was the courthouse. The tour was wonderful. Seeing the jail, paddy wagon, and the different courtrooms was an edifying adventure. I must let the county know our District Attorney Darius Pattillo and his team rocks. Learning about their intensity and involvement they have with maintaining public safety and fighting crimes was fascinating.

    This update was provided by Amaris H. Rasheed, Member Care Director for Snapping Shoals EMC, thank you Henry Leadership for granting me the opportunity to partake in the 2020 class. I also want to thank the organizers that arranged the Government Day agenda. This was the best class ever, and I now have direct value for Henry County’s Government entities and resources.

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