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  • Stockbridge CARES Grant Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

    Stockbridge CARES Grant Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

    If I received PPP funds or other money previously, does that disqualify me from applying for the Stockirge CARES Grant?
    Yes. The PPE disqualifier was removed from the application. It was initially in place to ensure those businesses that did not receive PPP funding would have an opportunity to apply for funding from this program. 

    Where did the money for this Grant come from?
    These funds were secured through the Federal Department of Treasury to provide assistance to state and local governments. Through the CARES Act. The city of Stockbridge has committed $1.3 million to support local small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and residents during the pandemic. 

    Can I apply for the Stockbridge CARES Grant and the Henry County Small Business Restart Grant at the same time? 
    Yes. However, the reimbursements must not be duplicated. Eligible expenditures are dedicated to mitigating or responding to the COVID-19 public health emergency and include, but are not limited to employee wages and health benefits (including, fringe benefits associated with employment, such as health insurance), accounts payable, fixed costs, inventory, rent, and utilities. Working capital, marketing/planning/feasibility studies, technical training, machinery, and equipment are also eligible expenses. 

    What if I use the funds for mitigation equipment (PPE), but I haven't purchased or completed the service yet?
    Order invoices will be requested prior to distribution of the funds. We can approve the grant on that condition and then, upon ordering, release your grant.

    Where can I find my Budget Supplement document?
    You may find the form at https://link.edgepilot.com/s/38d23f63/sSNBzPL1_E2QvWvVcv4RUQ?u=https://form.jotform.com/202374959926166?fbclid=IwAR31r-JN7jMG_lf79PsqV_9s9VFGTbXCcx58Hh2zOe7OLbnQMgm-1jqsrKg 

    Where can I find the Applicant Business Certification Form?
    That form may be found at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gKhUJtaAVZSrIhC8N92IEKxpQ_9uplq5/view?usp=sharing 

    Why do I need to provide a W-9?
    Awardee acknowledges that this funding is considered taxable income and that Henry County Chamber of Commerce will issue a 1099 equal to the amount of reimbursement approved (beginning at $600 and up to the award amount of $10,000). We will need a W-9 on the file pior to distribution to comply with this requirement.

    Can I apply if my business is not located in Stockbridge, but I live in Stockbridge?
    Unfortunately, no. It is required that your business receiving CARES funding from this program be located in the City of Stockbridge.

    What if I am a new business that started because of or after COVID-19?
    No. Unfortunately, the CARES Act requires that the funds be used for necessary expenditures incurred due to the public health emergency.

    Can I use the money for start-up funds?
    No. Unfortunately, the CARES Act requires that the funds be used for necessary expenditures incurred due to the public health emergency.

    How soon will I receive my grant?
    Your appliction will be reviewed when all items have been submitted. After approval, checks are cut once a week and the awardee will be notified. Upon completing and returning the compliance document, checks will be released via U.S.P.S. mail.

    What if I do not have a Stockbridge or a State of georgia business license? Can I still apply?
    I City and State business license are required to determine the applicant is active and compliant with business operations in Stockbridge.

    Who will see the information I submit? Will it be shared? Can others access the information?
    The small review committee will see the information to determine eligibility. If the City requires any items in managing the program, that may be shared upon request. At this time, all information is kept confidential.

    What if I am a small, not-for-profit organization that just needs some operation support due to COVID-19? Is there another grant for these organizations?
    If the not-for-profit organization seeks reimbursement for eligible expenses listed above, has fewer than 20 employees, and has been impacted by COVID-19, it may apply for this grant and receive up to $10,000 maximum. If the organization is seeking to support other organizations or individuals, it should inquire with the Henry County Chamber of Commerce for details.

    I need rent or utility assistance, but I am not a business? Where can I receive support?
    The City of Stockbridge and the Henry County Chamber of Commerce are currently working to identify organizations in the community to assist Stockbridge residents. Once agreements have been finalized, more information will be available on the City and Chamber websites and social media.

    My question isn't answered here. Who do I contact to find out more information?
    Contact Joseph Henning, Henry County Chamber president, for questions.

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