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  • Getting Georgia Back to Work Safely

    Getting Georgia Back to Work Safely

    Georgia Chamber and Levee Studios Spearhead COVID-19 Workforce Certification Program
    The Georgia Chamber is pleased to join The Levee Studios in Albany to announce the launch of Unified Standards, a certified workforce training program specifically designed for return-to-work procedures with COVID-19. This program, spanning 17 different industry sectors in both English and Spanish, comes to the market on the heels of Georgia’s decision to carefully reopen our economy and get Georgians back to work.
    “We appreciate the leadership of Governor Kemp’s office to lead with detailed reopening guidelines and look forward to helping businesses instill consumer confidence and reopen with success,” said Blake Cook, Co-founder, and owner of The Levee Studios. “Working within these guidelines and parameters, we want to validate each one of our programs to ensure full compliance and effective training.”
    The program is designed to work within the state’s requirements for 17 business sectors, as mandated by the Governor’s Office, and create basic online training for safe return-to-work operations. Named for its purpose, Unified Standards brings all essential requirements together in one easy-to-download app. It is built on the latest virtual training technologies and delivers a dashboard of video programs, testing documents, recommended best-practices and detailed strategies to help businesses expedite their reopening and spur economic recovery.
    “This unique training program addresses consumer confidence through a thorough, validated and certified training of employees.  We appreciate the leadership and willingness of health care leaders to work with us to ensure the evolving state and CDC guidelines remain current through the Unified Standards platform,” said Chris Clark, Georgia Chamber President & CEO. “As the largest business organization in Georgia, we are focused on economic recovery, talent and upskilling, and overall resiliency in every market. This product delivers on those points and we are proud to partner with the state and The Levee Studios to get our people qualified and back to work safely.”
    The Levee Studios and the Georgia Chamber have launched the online program. Members of local chambers of commerce or the Georgia Chamber will receive a 30% cost reduction. Interested businesses can visit https://link.edgepilot.com/s/aaaef9f2/BphotjSLxUqiS6nucybY7g?u=http://www.gachamber.com/covid19 or https://link.edgepilot.com/s/85a6963b/9Atn5dI7n0yff_wQxPyKkg?u=http://www.unifiedstandards.com/ for details and to get more information on how to download and begin the certification process.

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